Only for the strong willed

Just like all our editions, Bulleteer Vol 14 is going to be a lot of fun and camaraderie, but it is going to include some pretty hardcore riding, as well. This time, the destination is about 465 kilometers away. So, be prepared for a gruelling ride. Even after reaching the destination, the fun would continue with various activities. And day 2 is reserved for a lot more fun and frolic and a lot less riding. And day 3 is the long ride back, and as you already know, distance between places increases drastically when you are returning from a good trip.

Yes, its gonna be some hectic riding and a lot of fun activities, and we don't know if you have it in you. What we do promise though, is that this is not gonna be just another long ride with a bunch of people. This is going to be an experience extraordinaire, which you will cherish all your life.

About the Destination

Kanthalloor is a beautiful hamlet in Idukki district in Kerala. It is a village nestled in the Western Ghats. The salubrious climate and the picturesque landscapes and wide variety of tropical crops, coupled with the close proximity of Munnar (a major hill station), have transformed this village into a tourist destination. (We copied this from Wikipedia, in case you were wondering.)

During the rains of 2008, we dreamed up a club for like minded bikers. The ones who cared. Those who wanted to make a change. Bikers who wanted to go beyond just biking, and make an impact. It was a bunch of dreamers, hell bent on giving back to the community. They were the Bulleteers.

Bulleteer is not a club for people who ride bullets. Here you ride with friends, and you ride for a cause. You have fun, while doing something good. Prove to the world that responsible bikers are the kindest of them all. It is an experience to cherish for a lifetime; friendships you'll carry to the horizon.