About Bulleteer

It all started over a beer in the terrace of Crossworks - 4 like-minded people thought about an idea which can change the way the world thinks about biking and bikers in general. Arvin put forth the idea of a group which would epitomize fun with responsibility; thus Bulleteer came into existence. Bulleteer was evolved as a small idea to have a group of unanimous individuals who are enthusiastic about riding. Hence, the basic concept of riding club was incorporated into a complex yet close-to-heart idea where the core principles set was riding, adventure, nature and charity. In a county where two-wheelers outnumber cars six times, the bikes are just a means of commuting- from point A to point B - with a single exception, the Royal Enfield bullet. In India since WWII the bullet has carved a niche in the Indian psyche as the ‘Ultimate Man-machine’. To realize the idea we needed men who thought alike and a machine which can stand for the entire ethos.

The club

Bullet surpasses time and space to take you to a higher plane and that was what Bulleteer intends to do. It is to enjoy the joys of riding without the hassles of everyday commuting and hectic professional schedules; and while you indulge yourself with adventure to pump up adrenaline and fun to cool up the nerves The idea of a bullet riders' club was nothing new. There were similar groups in the nook of the country. Bulleteer was different from the word GO; it was not just about bullets and riding. It was about passion and adventure. It was about discovering unseen landscapes and through that discovering you. It was about fulfilling the wanderlust. Above all, it is about rendering service for the welfare of the society.

Life as a Bulleteer

Bulleteer principles are simple. Catching the fleeting joy of a sunset; hearing the manly thump of your bike, Feeling the soft caress of the wind; the gentle sun, the world we live for, the love we die for, and all because you pass this way, but once.

The Cause

As the organization emerged, the members found that other than the passion for bullets, long-rides, adventure, fun and companionship, there are lot of other things which they share; the most intense being the understanding to support the society. Thus came the most defining factor about the club- the social causes it supports. The first ride was for 'Green' cause. Bulleteer aims to have a constant and strong mechanism to aid charity in different aspects, the most important one being to fulfill the responsibility as corporate citizens

Our Old Style

Bulleteer Volume 14 Kanthalloor, Munnar
Date - 8th 9th & 10th September 2017

Bulleteer Vol: 14 - Kanthalloor, Munnar

Bulleteer Vol 14 - Kanthalloor, Munnar

Date - 8th 9th & 10th September 2017

Cost - Rs. 6750/- + GST per head

  • Bulleteer Vol 10: Bangalore - Mullayanagiri Open or Close

    Bangalore - Mullayanagiri
    Day 1 – Bangalore - Mullayanagiri (265km)
    Day 2 – CSR Activity (Gear Up to Clean Up) - Photo Session
    Day 3 – Ride back to Bangalore

  • Bulleteer Vol 9: Bangalore - Coorg Open or Close

    Bangalore - Coorg
    Day 1 – Bangalore to Coorg- 284km
    Day 2 – Ride on dirt road - River crossing
    Day 3 – Ride back to Bangalore

  • Bulleteer Vol 8: Bangalore – Sakleshpur Open or Close

    Bangalore - Sakleshpur
    Day 1 – Bangalore to Sakleshpur - 221.3 km
    Day 2 – Photo shoot- Rope swing- Water activities- Volleyball- Dinner and Entertainment
    Day 3 – Ride back to Bangalore

  • Bulleteer Vol 7: Bangalore – Nelamangala – Hassan – Belur Open or Close

    Bangalore – Nelamangala – Hassan – Belur – Gendehalli – Aldur – Sringeri – Agumbe – Bagavathi Nature Camp (Sita Nature Camp)
    Day 1 – Bangalore to Agumbe = 370Km
    Day 2 – Small ride to the Falls at Hebri
    Day 3 – Ride back to Bangalore
    Agumbe – Thirthahalli – Shimoga – Chitradurga – Bangalore Nice Road.

    It was a kind of gaining backs some of the memorable moments and again a time to stop the same old commuting from home to office. The choice was very clear when we geared up for the 7th volume and it was Agumbe. This time when we the 80 Bulleteers grouped together, our target was 370Kms. Well, as usual, we had successfully accomplished it.

    The roads while driving to Agumbe are pretty scenic with almost entire stretch covered with coffee and cardamom estates. Of course, one can easily be lost gazing at them. One other amazing factor is, Agumbe being the place with 2nd highest rainfall in India, Govt. still managing to have good roads in Agumbe. Lush green, colourful flowers and darks skies throughout the trip really gave us a pleasure driving. However, we had to struggle a bit through the bone chilling cold and pouring rain. Besides, lucky are Bulleteers. You know why? All again, we had a chance to stay in forest camps with King Cobras as camp guards outside.

    One of the best moments of this trip was the quality time that we had spent at the Malpe Beach and it was a kind of rejuvenating experience for all of us.

  • Bulleteer Vol 6: Bangalore- Mysore – Bandipur –WayanadOpen or Close

    Monsoon ride 1st july and continues till 3rd july 2011 Route: Bangalore- Mysore – Bandipur –Wayanad Day 1 Bangalore to Wayanad = 300 Kms Day 2 Rafting at Banasura Dam to visit Sachipura

    It’s yet another monsoon ride. We saddled up our bullets to reign over the mind-blowing Wayanad Ghats. This time the target was 289 Km.

    Pouring rains & slippery roads…whooo!!! It’s freaking dangerous. Who cares? We are daring, bloody damn daring to surf through the thrill of monsoon adventure.

    Strikingly scenic, it is known for its picturesque hill stations, sprawling spice plantations, luxuriant forests and reassuring cultural traditions. No wonder, most of us totally lost in the mystic beauty of Wayanad between our rides.

    It’s nothing but a holistic confluence of wilderness, history, culture, and we’ll add one more– the threshold of adventure. Kuruvadweep, Vythiri Hill Station, Banasura Sagar Dam and Edakkal Caves are some of the must-visit spots that we’ve explored.

    Besides, everyone did enjoy the Dj by our man Neeraj Bablu, the War of Dj winner with the roaring cheers of long lasted parties.

  • Bulleteer Vol 5: Bangalore-pollachi-valparai-bangaloreOpen or Close

    Winter ride The adventure starts on 3rd December and continues till 5th December Route: Bangalore-pollachi-valparai-bangalore Day 1 Bangalore to Pollachi = 365 Kms Bangalore – Kanakapura – Kollegal – Chamarajnagar – Puliampatty – Coimbatore – Pollachi 9 Km from Valparai Ashram to Forest farm house Day 2 To visit Valparai Dam 60 Km ride from Pollachi to Forest farm house

    The Vol.5 was designed as a welcoming party to foggy December in which 50 bikers joined to cover 442 Km within 2 days. Well, we’ve successfully accomplished it. To wade through the bone-chilling winter was the greatest challenge before us when we started our winter ride Vol.5. But, the flaring spirit of our team members warm heartedly received this challenge as a thrilling and adventurous occasion.

    In such an adventurous journey, our staying at forest farm house also became a real adventure in accommodating 50 people in the congested space of 3 rooms. Being cooped up and laid on the corridors, we enjoyed the real thrill.

    Meanwhile, it should be noted down that the road from Pollachi to Valparai is a real paradise since it is a ghat section with 40 hairpin curves. In fact, it fueled the pleasure of driving. We could experience the Monkey falls and Aliyar Dam made the landscape more enthralling. In between, passing by the tea estates, the nature made tea (fresh from the tea estate) from the roadside tea shops brewed up our enthusiasm.

    We could never forget the lunch that we had near the Valparai Dam. We were just relishing both our lunch and life.

  • Bulleteer Vol 4: Bangalore – kudremukh – Bangalore Open or Close

    Bangalore to Kudremuk 325 Kms Day 1 Bangalore – Hassan – Mudigere – kalasa – Kudremuk Bhagavathi nature camp 8 km from kudremuk Day 2 to visit Nagarika Seva Trust NGO 60 km ride from bhagavathi nature camp The tour begins on 25th and continues till 27th June 2010

    We had an exhilarating ride to Kudremukh in the festivity of monsoon. The roads were submerged in water and the views were disturbed by the mist. But, we the 48 Bulleteers had a virtuous aim of visiting Nagarika Seva Trust and handing over the fund raised by our team. After a long bath in the never stopped rain throughout the day, we halted at Bhagavathi Nature Camp that’s 8 Kms away from Kudremukh.

    On the very next day, we had a great ride and besides it was such a great moment for us to visit Nagarika Seva Trust with a great cause. Thus, yet again Bulleteers proved that we “ride for a cause.”

    We returned to Bangalore with a fistful of great moments to treasure in our life.

  • Bulleteer Vol 3: Bangalore- Hampi - BangaloreOpen or Close

    Well talking about Vol: 03, we started off from Vidhan Saudha, Bangalore at 4:30am, no little too much honestly around 6:30 am we did. The plan was to reach Chitradurga around 11 and stop for lunch, yeah by 11 we could make Tumkur road Kamath for breakfast. Thanks to Ram and co. They thought we are going to Hampi i flight and went till New Airport, didn’t turn in Mekhri circle. then the oil leakage, chain cuts, cast irrron engine issues, god knows.... finally we reached Hampi around 11pm in the night-A pool side party- slept late(very late, thanks to the villas. Exactly opposite to Sathyu n Nithyu)

    Day 2: Explored Vijay Nagar Empire, with a famous guide from there. Mr Arvin’s Uncle, Where ever we went he shown us Tenali Ramas pavilion. Nevertheless it was great. What a place!!! Back to the Kishkintha Resort, lost half an hour in searching the villa. Later Mr. Karan launched the site www.bulleteer.com - jumped into the pool - pool because empty after seeing BIG D

    About the roads: Pappu named the trip “if dreams were made of stones, then its Hampi" the riders renamed it" if rod were made of potholes, then its Hampi" Highlights of the trip - Walky talky (Bulb saved us lot of money), a competitor for Kamal akka RAM, Lama and the experience as a Bulleteer. guys i know if you are not from the group it’s tough to relate to the above things. There is only one way - experience it. Bulleteer vol: 04 begins here......

  • Bulleteer Vol 2: Bangalore - Bandipur - Wayanad - Ooty - BangaloreOpen or Close

    Bulleteer Volume II saw 35 men on bullets thumping their way thru the breath-takingly beautiful Nilgiri mountain range. The trip covered over 900 kilometers in 3 days thru the picturesque locales in three different states - Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The route map was to cover 800 kilometers on Bangalore - Bandipur - Wayanad - Ooty - Bangalore route, but strategic detours saw the range increasing by another 125 kilometers, with the whole credit going for the self - appointed navigator, Visakh a.k.a follo-mee. The wild parties at the end of 1st and 2nd day left the Bulleteers asking for an extension of the trip.

  • Bulleteer Vol 1: Bangalore - Coorg - Chikmagalur - BangaloreOpen or Close

    The first edition of Bulleteer started off with 22 Bikers on a foggy December morning. The trip covered 800 odd kilometers in 3 days and traversed the mountain terrain of Western Ghats. Bulleteer Vol I roadmap described the route as Bangalore - Coorg - Chikmagalur - Bangalore and had its own share of adrenaline pumping adventure activities. When they were not riding, Bulleteers were busy rappelling down 160 feet vertical cliffs and getting literally wet with whitewater rafting. They also tried a little mountaineering, but were done on their bullets and not on feet. Arvin took on his role as the DJ and Bulb behind the counter mixing his god-forbid-cocktails with whatever liquor came handy, the party after the first day ran until 3 in the morning at colonel Uncles resort in Coorg with a drunken Arvin sleeping in the toilets seat at the end of the party

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